Jobs & the Economy

Limited government has always been the cornerstone of a free economy.  By restraining itself within specific borders, it unleashes the market in such manner as to reward those who strive for excellence. Unnecessary regulations and taxation, both in daily lives and the marketplace, are counterintuitive to such efforts and dampen the efforts of those economic engines that create good jobs, elevate the quality of life and inspire innovation.  Given the freedom to do so, history has shown the amazing ability of Americans to energize the workplace.  Let’s unleash that freedom.


A third generation farmer, the soil has been our lifeblood and the passion of my forefathers.  This rich way of life that feeds much of the world and ties humans to creation has been a cornerstone of the Commonwealth of Virginia since its inception.  I promise to protect the land and this way of lifestyle that is an integral part of our families, our communities and our rural culture.


To arouse the curious mind and conceive in others the love of learning is at the root of all true education. I shall strive to represent all students and their educators, whether public, private or home, in that endeavor. Both parental choice and parental involvement are crucial towards the first stages of education. As the student matures, additional tracks should be made available towards vocational training and higher learning. An excellent education is the foundation for the future of the Commonwealth and sets students on a trajectory towards a rich, full and meaningful life. Let’s give everyone that opportunity.

The Second Amendment

The right of the people to “keep and bear arms” has been a guarantee of the constitution since 1791.  It is the role and duty of the state and federal government to insure this right and stand against legislation that would infringe upon the exercise thereof.


The act of government to require funds from its citizenry should only be exercised for those activities deemed in the citizen’s best interest and necessary for a free people to exercise their economic rights.  Believing that the people themselves are best suited to decide such things and believing that citizens should benefit from their own enterprises, I will strive to oppose any tax increase and fervently look for ways to reduce the burden now imposed on our citizenry.

The Sanctity of Life

I am pro-life. I always have been. I believe it is society’s obligation to protect the life of the unborn to the fullest extent and I will fight any law that negates or undermines that protection.